Fitrah Al-Arabiah lil-Mubtadiin is a breakthrough new Arabic language curriculum specifically designed for non-native Arabic language learners, ala the classic Al-Arabiah lin-Nashiin.

The curriculum is brought to you by the same people who designed the “Omar and Mariam” reading series, http://omarmariam.irsyad.sg . You will find many new interesting features in this new curriculum, along the same kind of innovation that were introduced in “Omar and Mariam”.

Among them, this curriculum is designed with the south-east Asian region in mind, emphasizing on vocabulary and experiences that is unique to the region.

The curriculum is presented in an age-appropriate manner, integrating active learning as a core pedagogical approach. Interactive activities are embedded into the design of the curriculum and nasyids are included as part of an exciting approach to assist students in memorization.

Apart from the colourfully designed textbooks and workbooks, there are loads of interactive online games, powerpoint presentations and many other useful teaching resources that would make teaching Arabic joyful.

Teachers will also find the detailed and comprehensive teacher guidebooks very useful and will transform them into excellent teachers in a flash. If that is not enough, join the discussion forum to get ideas and tips from other Arabic language teachers who are using the curriculum in their classrooms.

Oh yes, drop us a line if you require us to guide you through the implementation of this breakthrough curriculum. Our regular training sessions have proved to be a hit among fellow Arabic language teachers.